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Pump Repair

The Rochester gear pump that GM engineers designed is the most critical part of a Ramjet fuel injection unit. It must consistently produce adequate fuel pressure and volume at all engine speeds to enable the spill valve to properly control flow at the nozzles. Its output must always exceed engine demand.

The gear pumps were produced and used for nine years and required few changes during that time period. They were made of durable materials, machined to exacting standards, and assembled to extremely close tolerances. These pumps worked perfectly with few exceptions. Unfortunately, fifty years have passed since they were new and most need precise machine work. Many others require precision-made new parts to perform well at high rpm under a load.

When a customer sends me a gear pump, it’s impossible to know the extent of needed repairs until it is disassembled and inspected. Sometimes the center gear section can be reused after careful machining and proper installation of new carbon bushings. However, many of the pumps received and inspected have a worn center section and severely corroded gear teeth. In these cases, it is necessary to install a new set of gears and a new center section in order to restore its full performance. A new shaft and Viton seal are always replaced.

Please know that my new gear sections are American-made to extremely precise tolerances and are not available through any other source. Don’t confuse them with the poorly machined foreign-made gear sets sold elsewhere.The repair services I offer are:

  • Shaft and seal replacement
  • Carbon bushing installation and align-boring
  • Section surfacing and alignment
  • Gear and center section replacement
  • Chemical blackening of main body, if requested
  • Weld repair of cracked and broken main body
  • Surfacing gasket seat of main body
  • Sleeving of seal seat area to repair removal scars

Gear pump repair costs vary depending on the parts and services required. As stated previously, it all depends on the extent of damage we find and the amount of machining and new parts required to restore your pump so that it performs well. Repair costs vary from $200 for minimal machining and parts, but can run into the $400 range if your gear section is worn and your pump housing requires extensive machining.

Repaired and Blackened Pump
Incorrect and Worn Pump Parts