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Specialty Repairs

1958–1965 Nozzle Block Brass Cup Bottom Replacements

In the past, a nozzle block with a damaged cup bottom was not useable. We developed a process several years ago to replace the damaged cup bottom and it works successfully. Two replacement brass bottoms are soldered in place. This repair is stronger than the original cup bottom and is undetectable when your FI unit is installed. The cost for two replacement brass bottoms is $50.00 which is less than the cost of a new reproduction nozzle block.

Repaired Nozzle Block
Damaged Nozzle Block

Custom Fit Fuel Valve (Starting Piston) in 1957–1959 Sand-Cast Meter

I offer a service to correct the problem of gasoline leaking around the fuel valve. This happens when the fuel valve fit is relatively loose. This excess gas entering the fuel meter could even overflow out the top of the fuel bowl while the engine is running. The steel fuel valve (starting piston) rides in an aluminum bore that must fit very closely around it to prevent such dangerous leaks. The potential for this situation to occur doesn’t seem to be widely known or discussed.

However, if there is a tight fit of the fuel valve (starting piston) in its bore, gasoline cannot flow around it and into the spill valve after the engine starts.

If you have a fuel valve fit that is too loose (more than .001” side clearance), my service can custom machine a new oversize fuel valve and bore your fuel bowl to match it. This will allow the starting by-pass circuit to seal off gas flow as it was designed to do while the engine is running.

The cost of this service is normally in the $150 to $250 range. The exact cost depends on the condition of your fuel bowl and whether or not bore sleeving is required.

Other Specialty Repairs

Some fuel injection repairs require aluminum welding, alignment fixtures, and precision tooling that aren’t available in most automotive shops. My business specializes in these types of repairs. We have the experience, new parts, and special equipment necessary to complete them in-house.

For example, few people today have the knowledge, tools and experience to replace the brass bushings for the butterfly shaft in the air meter.

Another service provided is repairing the check ball mechanism in the 4360 cold enrichment (choke) housing.

Disassembled 4360 Choke Housing
Repaired 4360 Choke Housing

These are some other specialty repairs I can provide:

  • Thread repair in stripped alloy, steel, and iron castings.My service can repair stripped threads where the main signal tubing seats in a pot metal 1963 – 1965 air meter.
  • Spill valve repair in a sand-cast fuel meter.The steel sleeve for the spill valve must be precisely placed in an aluminum fuel bowl in order for the valve to work correctly. Also, the spill valve and fuel valve must be installed to very close tolerances. Custom machined spill valve pistons, steel sleeves, and fuel valves can be made to fit your worn or modified fuel bowl.
  • Broken bolt, screw, and stud removal.Over time, corrosion will fuse steel fasteners mounted in aluminum threads. Frozen fasteners can be removed by careful, precise machining and often the original alloy threads can be salvaged as well.
  • Axle link pivot repair for fuel bowls.If the holes for the axle link pivot shaft are excessively worn, there’s no need to modify your new axle link for an oversize shaft. I can install bushings in both of these holes to allow a precision fit using a stock shaft.